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Dawn & Dusk Project

2011 - 2013

The Dawn & Dusk Project is a two-year daily photo fundraise project to raise money for Tibetan Children's Village (TCV), an organization that provides education for Tibetan refugee children in India.

Dawn & Dusk Project is finished!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Today three years ago I started this project to raise money for Tibetan refugee children, now it’s time to wrap things up. After 27 months of taking daily photos of sunrise and sunset, 1642 selected photos, around 70.000 photos in total, over a year of fundraising, four exhibitions and a really nice amount of 3250 euro I’m pulling the plug!

I’d like to give a BIG HUG & THANK YOU’s to everyone involved: people who bought days, photo’s, cards, donated money, wrote about the project, gave me the opportunity to exhibit and gave me mental support! Special credit goes out to Marc Fabels, who made the logo, design, flyers, posters etc. and Brian Olson, who took care of all the technical programming stuff and moreover, had to live through this whole experience with me the entire way!

I will see to it that the money gets to the TCV school in Ladakh as soon as possible and in due time I will let you know how the money is spent. As I mentioned before, they really need English books (Roald Dahl and Disney are on the top of their lists) so they will probably fill up their libraries with some good old classics to benefit many generations!

So thank you again, and in case you’re wondering if I am doing anything else crazy now, in fact I am: this whole year I will not buy any clothes or accesories at all.. so wish me luck! No fundraising this time, maybe not even photos or words (although a blog seems tempting, definitely not daily!) but if I do, you will be able to find it on www.plinck.com. Here’s a link to the fashion challenge: www.freefashionchallenge.com (they don’t really seem all that active anymore, but that doesn’t matter to me). Let me know if you are joining the fashion challenge too, maybe we can swap! (about the only thing you’re allowed to do ;)

Anette Olson-Plinck
January 1st, 2014

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After 27 months I stopped taking daily photos on April 1st 2013, but I will continue to raise money until at least August 21st 2013, the end date of my final exhibition (see below). You can also help by uploading your own sunrise/sunset photos on the project's facebook wall and by sharing it with your friends! And of course you can continue to follow me on FB and/or Twitter!

La Grande Finale EXHIBITION!
Dawn & Dusk in the Cave
Wijnhandel De Bergse Cave, Kerkstraat 13, Rotterdam

June 29th - August 21st / Opening: Saturday June 29th, 5-7 pm
Public transport: from Rotterdam CS or Noord take tram 4 that says 'Molenlaan'. Get off at 'Bergse Dorpsstraat' and it's just around the corner!

It would be really nice if you could spread the word, share the Facebook-event (see the project's wall) and even better: invite your own friends! On behalf of all the Tibetan children in Ladakh: thank you so much and I hope to see you the 29th!

Buurtwerkplek, Kleiweg 199 B, Rotterdam

May 24th - July 19th 2013 / Opening: Friday May 24th, 5 pm-??

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